Hello everyone ^^ My name is Tammy and I live in Bangkok, Thailand. ( TammyBKK:)) )First off I want to say, I’m sorry if my english is not professional because English is my second language:).
Welcome to my website www.maletofemaletransition.com! I’m really happy to have this website to share about my experience from my transition to male to female, all about my hormones, supplements, and everything I have learned up to this point. This page I will try to talk about myself since I was really young till now. When I born,I began to know that I was different from other people. It was when I was 4 years old that I had feelings in my mind that I want to be a girl but I was still confused and had no Idea about everything that was going on at that time. That was when I was really young and I liked to play with a girl and all of my friends were mostly all girls. My parent bought some toys for me and for example all Car, Robots, and sometime a Football. Everything was was basicly all boy stuff. These toys I didnt like at all and when I was young I always play like the girls . I liked baby Dolls and teddy bear and sometimes maybe play like I was cooking something with my friends, hahaha :))) I’m really happy to play like that but you know I still wonder what I gender I was t that time. That time I’m so happy in everything because I was a kid , hahaha

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Day after day when I grow up in this world I still born this way and I feel like a girl in my mind . Everything I did in the general day of my life when I was young was feminine. I did the same thing same all girls do with everything. I would love to play with Barbie dolls and also watch my favorite Cartoon Little Mermaid and all Princesses , hahaha :))) . You Can tell on the picture that Hat have a long tale in the back . I feel like I have a long hair all the time. But I never talk with anyone that I really love to be a girl ^^ I remember I always play with my mom’s cosmetics and high heels .I was so happy to be a Girl ^^

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When I finish Kindergarten I then had to change schools and then go to a different Elementary School .I was 7 years old at that time and you know at this age I had some friend that had personality like me . They were boys and liked to play like a girl the same as me. Then I started to know Im normal and tried to begin to understand what I am .

I grew up to 11 years old I had friends and the “gang” now we were all Ladyboy ( Transgender ). We were just like a Little Transgender at that time. We didnt know about hormones and pills and everything to help us change for be male to female and we still hadn’t begun our transition. We were just learning at that time . At the time some people coud accept and others could not. This is a normal situation to be transgender in the world but I don’t Care . Life is short and just be yourself. I believe to try and be a good person and show this world how special We are :)))

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So Finally, at this time I need to know about Hormones and which pill I should need to take to be feminine. This is when I studied in High school . I knew a lot of friends that were ladyboy there at this point in my life. I thought everyone knew because we have so many ladyboy in Thailand and everywhere in our country . This is the reason why I know so fast about pill and all of hormone I should take for everyday. When I start learning in high school. I know a lot of ladyboy in the school.We all helped each other to be a beautiful ladyboy and the right way for be male to female transition . This was a good experience for me til now so this is the reason I have a website because I wanna share what I know about this for everyone :))) I feel really happy and I want all of transgender in the world , to have no fear and just have confidence within yourself . I will try my best to share everything I know for you . More over, When I was in school there I began to take hormone since 15 years old till now . They have change my life a lot 🙂 Good for make your body ready to be a girl in the first step and Have a breast a little if you see my picture , hahaha . Also I started to learn how to wear girl’s clothes and I begin to buy some dresses, bra, and also panties for a girl. I have had situations when people dont accept me and and had bad days but be patient about this . I know so difficult life for be Transgender but this is our way. We were born this way . Just make yoruself happy and do good things. We need positive thinking in order to make life easy :)) After that when You take time for positive thinking and patience. You will be ready to be a girl. I’m sure everybody will happy what you are and life for everybody is not easy even man, women, or Transgender like us . Just love yourself and We will keep moving on becoming a beautiful Transgender together , hahaha .

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Finally, at this point I am grown up and understand I was born this way for my life . I’m Happy to be my self and I would love for all of transgender to be the same way like me . Our life is difficult, but I want to encourage all of you, to show this world how special you are . Show what the best talents you have and make people see you are beautiful inside and out. People will accept you and be happy with you ,Thank you to visit my website , I will share everything I know about how to be male to female and try my best . if You have a question you can contact me and I really happy to answer and Help You as I can :)))

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