accepting your self

Accepting Yourself As Transgender was created as a safe resource space for transgender individuals. We want you to lead amazing and positive lives being exactly who you were meant to be. For many, the first step towards this begins by accepting yourself as transgender. It may not be a smooth process, but in the end, you’ll find yourself in a happier place.

The male to female transition is a journey to discovering your true self. You will find that self-acceptance is akin to an onion, you’ll peel back a layer and discover that there’s another one to figure out. Recognize that it is all a part of the adventure and that you are your own personal timetable. For some, accepting yourself as transgender may be a quick process and for others, it could take much longer.

We believe in being honest, so yes, you’ll have your good days and you’ll have bad days too. At the start, you’ll likely be questioning yourself and trying to figure out if being transgender is who you are. If this happens, know that it’s natural. Be patient with yourself, as you journey towards self acceptance. It can be more difficult, as you await being able to physically start to transition. Depending on where you live, you may not feel comfortable buying your own female clothes or picking up make-up. As well, you may not trust your health care practitioner to discuss with them your options. Again, as much as it sucks, you just need to have some patience with this and know that eventually, you’ll be exactly who you were meant to be.

A part of accepting yourself as transgender may involve mourning who you used to be. You have the right to take some time to say goodbye to your previous self before connecting with the new one. You may still feel the same on the inside, but as you begin to alter your physical appearance, this can be a sad time for some. Sure, you’re filled with joy about finally becoming whom you’ve dreamt of. Just don’t be surprised, if you have moments of sadness as you say goodbye to the person that you used to be.

A part of self-acceptance is learning to love yourself on the inside and outside. You may feel very confident in being transgender and perfectly comfortable in your new physical body. But if your emotions are not in check, it’s going to be a difficult journey. If you spend every moment in fear of how others will treat you and if others will discover your secret, then you’re going to project this negativity. You need to understand that your entire being is beautiful. You need to walk each step in this world with confidence.

Accepting yourself as transgender is an important step in becoming exactly who you have always meant to become. Take as much time as you need to do this and be patient with yourself, as you will face some bumps along the road to self-acceptance from going from male to female.