TS dating, or even as a male wanting to date a TS can be very challenging in today’s socialized world. The first thing to realize is not everyone is going to be ok with TS dating and it is perfectly ok. Heterosexual couples have their own host of problems to deal with, and they should probably focus on them:):)

In saying, other areas of the world, and areas of the USA are going to be easier for the tg to be able to have an open relationship while TS dating. This is just reality, and is why a lot of tg flock to bigger cities and out west/north in the USA once they are independently able to start this journey. The southern USA, respectively is just more difficult to be open about your relationship but it is getting better. The only way to get better is by being strong and showing this close minded population that we are real people, with real feelings, and real desires for love and acceptance. Hopefully in the future, this post wont even be relevant and it will be easier for our tg sisters to have the utmost respect for being ourselves wile TS dating.

First thing to do is just be yourself and make sure to respect yourself, your feelings, your body, and really know who you are and what you want. No guy wants to date a girl that has a lot of baggage and is upset because all guys dont respect me, are mean to me, use me, or the “poor me scenario”. Guys love a girl that is strong and knows what she wants, while still being empathetic and sweet to their man. This sounds easier than it is while TS Dating. TG dont have an easy life and have to deal with a lot more than the regular female does in life. Also, while it isnt the easiest to find people to respect them; it certainly isnt easy to find a man to respect them as well.

The best advice I can give to all the TG out there is to love yourself, live your life fiercely the way you want/plan, and then when you show a guy that you respect and love yourself; then a good man will definitely come along. This means that while even you are a ts, you will have to still be as confident as any woman out there, and most likely more confident. There are many tg before that have done this and you can get the confidence to as well. A good idea is to find a tg mentor; This is your life and your man:).

TS Dating Online

Being a TS can be especially harder to align yourself in the right position to find the right man. The evolving online arena of TS dating has been great for the tg population because a lot of straight guys that like tg might not really want to go to the same bars or places that tg hang out. This provides a great way to talk and get to know someone that might not even be in the same location. Also, like with any type of dating; Make sure you follow all the correct precautions when online TS dating because safety is always the most important! You honestly dont know who is behind that keyboard. We have all seen that show on MTV called Catfish! No one wants to be part of that scenario, right! Might be a good idea to video chat as soon as possible and to some people it might be important to see a body picture. This all depends on your priorities but if you have online dated before, then you have probably gone through the usual nightmares. I think in the end though this is one of the best ways to cut down all the bs with clubs, and awkward meetings. In order to see what their interests are and chat before your first date.


Ts Dating in Public

Meeting a good man just off the street is going to be more challenging but if you are confident in yourself it can definitely be done:)! A lot of this can be common sense but probably the best approach is to put yourself in the area of where you might find someone that is into TS Dating. Maybe the Gay/TG clubs or more evolved areas that might harbor more open minded people might be a good place to start. I know this is vague but I think we all understand what these areas are in the city. If you are in a smaller city/town this is going to be a lot more challenging for you and probably the best place is to meet online at one of the sites mentioned. Although if you are one of those beautiful confident glam women:), you might have the talent to meet your man anywhere. Like I said in the previous paragraph, confidence and carrying yourself positively is very attractive and other people are attracted to this. You must realize that you deserve the best man on the planet and you are not going to lower your standards for a loser in your eyes!!

So, this is just some insight on my opinion on TS Dating and I hope I have helped a little about learning who you are to catch the right MAN!!